“Regular massages with Christy have helped me recover from chronic shoulder pain due to a rotator cuff injury, and also have restored range of motion to that shoulder. They have improved the flexibility of my whole body. I may not understand how massage works, but I do know that I always feel better after a massage with Christy.”


“After taking group yoga classes for quite some time, I began working with Christy over a year ago – and what a difference that’s made. The difference between one size fits all and individual teaching and instruction that’s tailored to me and the progress I am making. Christy works with me to design yoga sessions that focus on poses and exercises and sequences that I enjoy and benefit from, while at the same time she challenges me and helps me improve and do better and grow. I always leave feeling more positive mentally and physically.”

Gregg Birnbaum

“As a Massage Therapist and Strongwoman athlete I rely on acupuncture to keep my body well and functioning in rhythm with my day to day life. I saw Christy for assistance leading up to a recent competition. I had been experiencing tension and discomfort in my knee and a trigger point flare up in my shoulder. Since most weightlifting competitions I do seem to sync with my menstrual cycle I was also concerned about retaining water and not being able to make weight.
Christy’s treatment was very supportive to my needs. I felt very comfortable. She made sure I was warm and even added some aroma therapy to the session to help me relax while she released some painful trigger points.
When it came to competition time my knees felt stable and I was able to lift and run without shoulder or knee discomfort. Performing at my highest capacity!
I would highly recommend Christy to other athletes or anyone seeking Acupuncture”

Cynthia McCright

“Christy is a wonderful healer and feels drawn to helping people with her expertise. She is devoted to the practice of yoga and conveying its teachings, also in the spirit of helping and healing. I would always go to her for her purity of intent and deep, nourishing bodywork.”

Brooke Myers

“When treated by Christy, you feel like you are in the hands of an expert. She has a deeper understanding of the body and she combines methods that she has learned through years of experience to create unique treatments for each person. In my recent session, I asked Christy to help me with my muscle tension and insomnia. She applied acupuncture, massage and acupressure and before I knew it my muscles were feeling entirely different. I also slept better than I had in a while for a few days after the session. I like how she explains everything in a way that makes one feel comfortable and more connected with the body. In the past, I had taken yoga classes with Christy, and it was very similar. The classes were fun and inspiring, and at the end I would be doing more than I thought I could. I would wholeheartedly recommend Christy’s work to anyone who wants to improve their physical well being.”


“Christy Allen is an experienced therapist with a good clinical eye. She has a wonderful sense of touch and incorporates stretching into her work which feels wonderful. I was a little apprehensive to try acupuncture, but for the most part I couldn’t even feel the needles. What I did feel was pain relief and better energy for several days after a session.”


“After receiving treatments for over 20 years, I have never felt so good after acupuncture as I have with Christy! Her combination of acupuncture, massage, and yoga stretches leave me feeling less tense, while energized at the same time. The treatments address my concerns and I feel great after. She is very deliberate in her needling and it is not uncomfortable. My body responds well to the treatments.
The way she can release knots in muscles with acupuncture is so helpful. I notice a difference right away. She even finds spots I didn’t know were causing tension and pain. After a muscle releases, there is a feeling of warmth and softening in the area.
The essential oil acupressure massage is very soothing. Applied to specific points, the oils are a wonderful addition. It is one of the many modalities she offers clients, based on what will be most beneficial at the time. I feel very comfortable trusting Christy to tailor each treatment to my needs, with good results.
Highly recommended!”

Josine Zhou